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Thank you for joining Stowmarket Golf Centre, we hope you are pleased with the facilities you’ve seen, and we are looking forward to being a part of your golfing journey.


The following information is for you to read and familiarise yourself with the golf course and how we work it. If this leaves you with any questions please do feel free to ask any of our team and we will be happy to explain. Please don't worry about learning everything, this is just an area you can visit if you have a question or are just curious about the sport. We are sure with this information you will settle in nicely.

Flogdon - A stepping stone between the Driving Range and the Golf Course

New golfers are generally slow golfers, when yo think about it there are more shots to play, remembering the swing, keeping count, being safe and at some point enjoying the game! It’s no wonder it takes time! Without a doubt, it helps to have new golfers moving quicker, not just for the other golfers, but for the development of the golfer too.  Over thinking the next shot takes aways the natural instinct and rhythm that glues an experienced golfer together. In summary, if you can play faster, you will play better, develop more instinct, a brisk walking rhythm with less time to self doubt and question yourself will help your golf game develop.


Flogdon golf is halfway house between being on a golf range and proper golf. You are out there playing the course but avoiding the tricky shots that you have not yet been taught.


Flogdon lasts as long as you like, you won’t get a handicap so consider it as armbands in the pool or stabilisers on your bike for now.


Here are the files for Flogdon but in truth you can do what you like, as long as you go briskly:

  • Play all your full swing shots from a fixed height tee peg to help you get the rainbow trajectory, they are free from reception.

  • Play all your chip shots using Pick & Place which we will explain.

  • Any putt shorter than the length of your putter is counted as a gimme (but you should practive these on the practice green later). It still counts as a shot.

  • If you go in the rough, trees or a bunker, pick your ball up and take it sideways to a point where you have an easier shot.

  • Add two to the par of the hole and that’s your target score, once you can’t beat that score, pick up and move on.

  • Your aim is to beat par plus two and you record on the scorecard “+” for a win, “-“ for a loss, and “0” for a draw. Aim to win more holes than you lose.


As soon as you’re happy to play all the shots then great, get going but don’t rush, its important to get good at the bread and butter shots before getting in to the tricky stuff.

Play safely

Personal safety and the safety of other players is very important while playing on the course. Please stand a safe distance from golfers taking their shot and allow players in front to clear before taking your shot. If your shot does potentially endanger other players, call “FORE” loudly.

Be considerate

Smaller groups playing on the course will most likely catch a larger group up, or more accomplished golfers will likely catch beginners up.  If you are caught up by faster players, simply allow them to play through at the earliest opportunity.


To let a faster group play through, complete the hole you’re on and move to the next tee. Play your tee shots and then wait for the following group to arrive at the tee. Invite them to play through and when they have played their tee shots, allow them a head start before following them. This way you wont interrupt their game or have to play with an audience allowing you to safely join in behind.


If you find yourself constantly being caught up, these tips can help you:


  • Be sure the ENTIRE previous hole is empty before you start.

  • Mark your scorecard on the next tee, not the green.

  • When you arrive at the green, leave your trolley on the way to the next tee.

  • Be progressive by moving to your ball as soon as you can.

  • Avoid ‘stand stills’ by talking while you are walking.


As well as showing consideration to other players on the course, please also take care of the course as you play. These tips will help you keep the course in good condition for everyone:


  • Repair all damage you cause to the course.

  • Avoid damaging young trees by taking a FREE DROP.

  • Play your tee shots from the mats provided.

  • Rake the bunkers after playing out of them.

  • Do not scoop your ball out of the hole with your putter.

  • Be careful removing and replacing the flag.

Lost your ball?

If you lose a ball you have up to 5 minutes to look for it. This is one circumstance where you must let the following group through, even if you then find your ball straight after waving a group through. Let your playing partners know, wave the following group through, move to a safe place and watch where their ball goes.

Where to start your round

You can start your round on any hole you must allow a clear hole behind to allow following golfers to remain uninterrupted. A good starting place is the 7th, but first check the 6th (including the tee) is empty before starting. There is always somewhere to start and you might need to go in search, but please don't jump in, it's no different to pulling out in front of a car at a junction, otherwise other golfers may feel you have invaded their golfing space.

Enjoy your game!

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